Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rainy day

It is so rainy out today. Personally, I am loving it. This is my favorite kind of weather. Hopefully it will put me in a study mood tonight because I have SO much to do. It's ridiculous. I just came from my accounting class and I am more freaked out than ever. My teacher said not to memorize anything, just to learn the theory, but honestly, I do NOT understand accounting theory so it's going to be straight up memorizing a million formulas for me. So that's going to be pretty fun tonight. I wish it wasn't such a fast-paced class because I think if I had more time I could really understand it and maybe like it. Oh well. I have a a full semester accounting class next semester! Except I might actually take it over the summer instead. Well I need to go study so sorry for the most boring post ever.

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