Tuesday, October 27, 2009

cyber bullying

I just watched a really sad video on cyber bullying. this is a huge problem that people often don't think about, especially among middle schoolers and high schoolers. it is awful the way that kids are bullied these days, especially online, where it often cannot be seen or detected by adults and other people who can help. i don't know why, but i think our society has made kids even worse and more cruel to one another, maybe because of the media or what they are shown at home. it's important for us to show kids a good example and to love each other instead of spreading hate and violence. watch the video here

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have been so sick lately and i hate it. seriously, i have a cough that will not go away. i have had it for three weeks and it just keeps getting worse even though i have been taking medicine (robitussin...nasty). anyways, today i was coughing so hard i thought i was going to die because i couldn't breathe at all. i have no idea why this is so bad but it doesn't help that the weather can't make up its mind. last week it was nice and cool but today it is pretty much summer. i never thought i would say this, but i want it to be normal fall! crunchy leaves, scarves, and boots. i never thought that i would actually long for cold weather, but as i sit in my stifling room i can't wait for it!

Monday, October 19, 2009

people pleaser

I am always a people pleaser, and this is not a good thing, it can get you into trouble. it can be good to be agreeable and easy to get along with, but it is almost impossible for me to say no to people, and sometimes i can't tell when i should say no..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


it's kind of weird, but every time i get back to school, i'm a little homesick. i wish i could go back home now, i needed more time! hopefully this feeling will pass soon

Monday, October 12, 2009

we keep asking ourselves, are we really strong enough?

So, i'm sitting in my room AT HOME listening to jack johnson while writing my core essay. uhhh it was kinda due yesterday, and of course it's pretty much midnight right now and i've hardly begun. it's like being back in this room brings me back to all my procrastinating habits. how did this weekend go by so quickly?! it was kind of nice being home, and i got to see a few friends, and of course my family. it was also very relaxing, up until now, but still i feel like there is so much more that i needed to do that didn't get done! i am absolutely dreading waking up at 6 tomorrow morning especially since i have at least an hour of work left and i am still putting it off. by the way, i didn't know "at least" was two words! my computer just auto-corrected it....weird. anyways, it was actually kind of weird being home. i mean, hinsdale has of course remained the same. but it was hard seeing my family. i guess by being away i ignore the problems that are there and it's tough seeing them again when i'm back. it makes me feel guilty even though i know that there is nothing i can really do. i don't know, maybe i need to call home and write more. on another note, i miss everyone back at school! it is kind of crazy, it has hardly been any time at all, but i'm excited to go back. that's a good thing i guess! alright, enough procrastinating, back to my essay i guess....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

family weekend

So it was just family weekend and my parents and sister left this morning! It was good to see them, although kinda bad. I guess it reminded me how happy I am being so far away and getting away from all of my family problems because of course the trip started out with a fight. It's so hard, because I am always the family negotiator, but sometimes i cause the problem in which case i can't really help the situation. but this time, i could help so everything got better. i always understand both sides when my parents fight, and i think that this applies in most cases: things are hardly ever black and white. no one is ever completely wrong in a situation and no one is usually completely right either. anyways, next weekend i am going home for fall break, so the goodbyes weren't that hard. also i get to see molly next weekend! i am so excited, i hope my mom will let me out of the house a lot. it's going to be so weird going back to such strictness when i have been living with so much freedom. but oh well, it's only one weekend, and it should be fun!