Saturday, November 20, 2010

Made it

Well, if you all remember, last week was the the worst week ever. But somehow I survived and made it through and now I am HOME for thanksgiving break! Yes, Thanksgiving break doesn't officially start until next Tuesday, but I just needed to go home! Plus, some of my classes were canceled anyways. Wow, did you know "canceled" only has one "l"? I didn't until my computer corrected my spelling. What a lesson. So anyways, I am pretty sure I failed my accounting midterm on Thursday unless there is an extremely large curve. The grades are supposed to be up tomorrow, but I really don't think I'm going to have the courage to check it. Except I need to decided whether or not to drop the class by Tuesday, so I'll have to check pretty soon. But after the test, I was so sick, I threw up. That's how bad it was. And I had a terrible head ache so I just went to bed. Yesterday, I had tests in psych and finite, but they were not as bad. Today, I drove home with Maddie and Jenna. It wasn't a bad drive at all, which was nice. Since I've been home, I've just skyped a little and done some laundry. AND had home-cooked food, which was amazing. I am so looking forward to a relaxing week, but unfortunately, I have a ton of homework to catch up on. In other news, I'm listening to my iTunes on shuffle right now and it has been a great lineup. Usually I have to skip songs, but they've been so good. Jack Johnson is on now. Anyways, have a good rest of the weekend everybody!

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