Thursday, November 11, 2010

Indian summer

It has been CRAZY warm this week here in bloomington! Last week it was normal November weather-40s and 50s, which I was totally okay with because I really like fall weather. But it has been 70s this whole week. I have to say, it's a little stressful because I have no idea what to wear in these conditions. But oh well, I guess I should enjoy it while I can! Right now, I'm just sitting in the library studying for my intro to business test later. I have actually done all the reading/notes for this one, so I'm hoping for an A! But who knows. If anyone's looking for a good song, I would suggest Girls with Accents by Fences. I don't really know any of their other songs, but it's really good! Definitely more of a studying song than a going out one though. In other news, only a week and a half until Thanksgiving break! I cannot wait to go home and see everyone and just relax. Also tomorrow I'm going to Madison! So it's going to be a great weekend. Thank goodness for that because last weekend was so amazing that I needed to do something exciting this weekend too. Well happy thursday everyone, only one more day til the weekend!

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