Sunday, November 29, 2009

post secret

i LOVE post secret, it always brightens my day. i try to savor them, and only let myself read three at a time so it lasts longer. it makes sundays soo much better.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

sixth grade or college?

I am SO frustrated. i absolutely hate being home. i know i sound like a brat, but it's true. my mom refuses to let me hang out with people, so i am trapped in the house with nothing to do. i am seriously close to tears out of sheer frustration. she thinks she has complete control over me even though i am a LEGAL ADULT. i try to be nice, but there is only so much i can honestly do. it has only been one day and i want to go back to richmond so badly, i cannot take this. and what am i going to do over winter break?! i cannot handle three weeks of my mom getting mad at me over the smallest things, like the tone of my voice, and then grounding me. I asked her what i did wrong, and she said "nothing, you've just done nothing nice." what does she want me to do???? i suffered through watching the grinch for the 15th time with them and hung out with my sister and her all day. all i want to is throw up. three days until i go back!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

two weeks

and i will be home!!! i am so excited, i miss my family and friends so much. but i also miss chicago like CRAZY and the midwest!!! many people look down on the midwest, but there is something about it that is more warm and comforting than the east coast. i don't know if that's exactly right, but it's how i feel right now. i just feel more at home there! i am only going to be home for five short days but i will make the most of it because it will be so much fun!!! on the other hand, tonight was fun because we went out to dinner to carytown burgers which was really good! it was so nice to get off campus, because it can get so boring and monotonous here. anyways i am counting down, fourteen days to go!!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


my phone is broken!!!! i am so bummed, because it is only five months was my first phone with a keyboard and i was ADDICTED. it is so hard not having a phone, especially being in college because i can never get in tough with frustrating!!! my mom is sending up my pink razer phone from freshman year..that is going to be a rough transition because it is so old and slow and does not work well at all! the only partially exciting this is that my mom said i can get a new phone when i go home next, and she said i might be able to get a blackberry! :)