Thursday, August 19, 2010

it's coming soon..

i literally cannot believe summer is ending. literally. usually i am kind of prepared for it, and i get sad like 2 weeks before it ends. but i'm not sad yet; i'm just in denial. i just packed away half of my clothes and now i am FREAKING out because i just realized i am actually going to have to leave soon. my dad and i are driving down tomorrow to move in some of my stuff and then on tuesday my mom and i are going to bring the rest of it. i am so nervous for this adjustment. will i ever feel at home at my new school? i am so sad to be leaving everyone i know and love and going to a completely foreign place where i really don't know or trust anyone. i know i did it last year and i was fine, but what if i just got lucky? what if things aren't going to be that easy again? ugh i am just so nervous. i don't want summer to ever end. i wish i could just spend time with my family and friends and watch tv. obviously this is not an option at all. i guess i just needed to get some of my feelings of anxiety out so there it is

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


life is so unfair. it really sucks. so enjoy everyday that you have and never forget to remember all of the good things in your life because one day they could truly all be taken away without any warning

Sunday, August 15, 2010


it has really been a LONG time since i've written. but someone mentioned blogging the other day and it made me want to get back to my blog. it is just weird to me because it's sort of like a diary in a way, but it's open for people to read. i guess i could make it private but i kind of like that it's out there for other people to see if they want to. anyways, a lot has happened recently. summer is coming to an end so i'm pretty bummed. it also seems like a lot more than just summer has come to an end. a lot of things are changing and i don't want them to. i feel like life is really all about holding onto things and then getting them taken away from us. nothing lasts forever, and some things only last for a short amount of time. things are always changing. and while this is SO unfair i guess that's just the way it is and there's nothing to do about it. my whole life i feel like i have fought against this idea, but what if for once i just embraced it? what if i didn't fight life? this really seems impossible but it's something to think about