Sunday, November 14, 2010

No, badgers

Well this title is in reference to the show parks & recreation when leslie goes on a date with a guy from University of Wisconsin. I don't really know how to explain the joke but just watch the show and you will think it is hilarious. So this weekend I drove up to Wisconsin with Katherine, Maddie, and Morgan and visited Mitch for the IU Wisconsin game. What a weekend. We went out Friday night and met a lot of Mitch's friends, then woke up EARLY yesterday for the game. Indiana lost terribly, but it was just fun to hang out! Except I kept getting booed walking around downtown Madison. Even though it was rainy, it was a fun day all in all. Mitch is passed out sleeping on the floor right now so I thought I would just write about the weekend. Anyways, Madison is SUCH a beautiful city, I had never noticed that before. There's so much to do, which is really nice for a college town. And the capitol building is gorgeous. I wish I could post a picture on here of the drive in, but I don't think I took one. Anyways, I'm starving so hopefully Mitch will wake up soon. We have to leave in like 2 hours sadly. I'm dreading going back because I have an ungodly amount of work to do. But it will be so good to be able to get a good night's sleep tonight and everything. Then home next weekend for Thanksgiving break! Well, I'll go now and maybe try to wake Mitch up hope everyone had a good weekend!

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