Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy bastille day!

I wish i could be in france right now to celebrate!! im sure its crazy though. i am going to see the new harry potter movie tonight at midnight and im pretty excited! i wanted to reread the book before i saw it, but i didnt have time oh well. things are going pretty well. i have been getting along with my family lately which is a nice change! Nothing too exciting has been happening lately... Anyways my mom and sister are going out of town on sunday so if anyone is reading this please pray that they are able to go and that they have a safe and healthy trip! The rest of this week i am just hanging out and working and hopefully going to the beach on sunday! Best wishes to everyone.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Some things have been happening lately, i won't go into details, but lets just say that some of the people i always thought i could depend on have let me down. I dont even know what to think anymore. I am not a person who likes to fight or hold grudges so everything is fine again i guess but i feel like i cant really trust some people right now. I guess its not really a big deal, but at the same time it kind of is because people shouldnt treat other people badly and then expect everything to be alright again. Its hard to know when you should just forgive and forget or when you should actually be upset. But fighting is usually a waste of energy and is stupid for the most part. Sometimes i feel like when i make up with people im just acting fake though, because i am sometimes still upset on the inside, i just dont want to be in a fight. Anyways, i am going to lake geneva tomorrow which should be fun, but we'll see i guess. I hope its a good weekend because this is my weekend off from work! On sunday im seeing grease and im excited about that good luck shannon!!! Well i have to finish cleaning my room so thats all for now i guess

Sunday, July 5, 2009

days go by

I guess i haven't written in a while but everything has been pretty much the same. i am angry/upset about something right now but i wont talk about it, i would rather concentrate on the things in my life that are good. so on friday it was the third of july, which was SO much fun. I had to work, which really wasn't bad because i like most of the people that i work with. Then i got home and got ready then went to meri's house for dinner! Her whole family was over and molly was there too so it was so much fun. Her cousin told us all of these funny stories about her work and we were laughing so hard. Then some more people came over after dinner and we walked to the fireworks, which were really good!!! After that, we went back to meri's and more people came over too! Her aunts were over so mol and i danced with them since it is kind of a tradition. Then people started leaving but some more came and we went on a really long night drive which was fun! Then we went back to mer's and had a sleepover with my favorite people in the world. It was just an all around great day, i wish my entire life could be like that.