Monday, October 25, 2010

What a weekend

Well this weekend was pretty much crazy! I thought since a lot of people were going out of town, it would be pretty tame..not at all. Anyways it was nice because I was done with all of my tests so I got to just relax a little! Today is very strange-it's between 70-80 degrees-at the end of october! I can definitely say that this weather is very weird for me. I'm wearing shorts and a tshirt and I feel like I should be wearing a sweatshirt and boots. So that's nice I guess. Ugh I am starting another class this week so I have a lab tonight from 5:30-6:45! I do not want to go at all....I should not have come home in between because now I'm just lying on my bed so comfy and I'm going to have to get up soon. Anyways must get up and go to class happy monday!

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