Friday, October 1, 2010

new month!

Even though today is just the first day of october, it TOTALLY feels like a new month! it was a little chillier today, there is definitely some wind blowing the leaves around, and looking out the window of the library, the trees are a million different colors. it's beautiful, i wish i could take a picture of it! we missed the bus this morning so we had to walk to class, but i didn't even really mind because it was so nice out! even though most people are pretty tired on friday mornings, everyone seems to have energy today...must be the excitement of a new month or the wonderful weather! i am so excited because i am going home for the weekend! i'm taking the bus today and it drops me off at oakbrook mall where my mom will pick me up. it's julia's birthday tomorrow so i am so glad that i can celebrate with my family and be with them. i am also so excited to just be home, sleeping in my own bed, and getting to eat good food! i'm guessing it will be a bit colder at home, but i don't even mind. it will truly be autumn there and i know it will be so pretty! well, i should get back to work have a good weekend everyone!

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