Tuesday, October 19, 2010

long time, no writing

Well, it has been quite a long time since i've last written to say the least! these past two weeks have been terrible. i've had SO much work! (last week a test on thursday and a midterm on saturday morning-ew-and this week a test yesterday and a project due thursday. the project is worth 20% of my grade and it's for the class i'm currently doing the worst in, so i havta step it up). anyways it has just been a completely stressful time in my life. the one good thing was that lauren came to visit last weekend! it was great to see her even though i had to spend so much time studying and such. but we still had a fun time just hanging out and watching lots of episodes of desperate housewives. speaking of, i haven't watched sunday night's episode yet. i think on thursday night i'm just going to watch a bunch of tv and relax because then all of my big things to do will FINally be done with! thank goodness. i cannot wait for that day. even though i only have my project left, i know that will be the hardest thing i'll have to do. and knowing me, i'll be doing most of it wednesday night and thursday morning. oh well. have a lovely week everyone and try to enjoy this beautiful fall weather!

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