Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Worst Day Ever

Well today was terrible. I woke up which was fine, then I ran out of conditioner in the shower. So my hair was all knotty and gross even though I just took a shower. Those of you who know me know that I go through condition extremely fast and use a lot every day. This is to prevent split ends. Anyways, I went to get dressed and pulled up my jeans and they ripped. Like on the leg, just in such an awkward place. And they were my favorite jeans, which is probably why they ripped because I wore them everyday. Anyways, there is no hope of fixing them. So then I had to wear my other jeans which aren't as comfortable. So anyways I walked to campus and wrote my paper before class because it was really easy. Anyways, things were fine until French. We got our midterms back and I was pretty confident about my grade. Well as you may have guessed, I should not have been because I did HORRIBLY. I am so upset. I hate myself so much. The other people in my class do not try very hard and are not very good at French, so there is no reason why I should have done so badly. I was almost in tears and could not pay attention for the rest of class. So then I came back to my room to change because the jeans were just too uncomfortable. So I put on yoga pants and walked back to campus to finish my reading for my next class. I get to class and we have a quiz. It wasn't a pop quiz, but maybe it should have been, because I was too prepared and wrote too much for each question so I didn't get to finish. I hadn't even started the last question when my teacher started collecting the quizzes. Everyone else in the class was done except for me. Luckily, my teacher let me stay after class and finish the last question. Maybe because I participate in class a lot. Lastly, I had to go to my last class which is just a boring lecture, and I got yelled at for playing on my phone even though EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON was also on their phones, and everyone is during each class since the class is pointless and just a requirement. And I was taking notes at the same time, so I was half paying attention. And I was playing word mole on my phone which is basically an educational game since it stretches your brain. AWFUL DAY. Well after that the day turned around a little bit because I went out to dinner with jessica and it was great to see her because it's always great to catch up with friends. I just got home a little bit ago and now I have to write my psych paper so I'll probably go over to Maddie's. Just had to write about this terribly stressful day......NOT what I needed.

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