Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Extremely stressful day

After my post last night, you would think it couldn't get any worse, right? WELL IT DID. So today should have been fine. But it wasn't at all. Honestly, the whole wallet thing is overshadowing everything, and it's all I can think about. So I have been constantly stressed. I woke up and decided to skip bio (always a good idea at the time...), which I should not have done. Not that I really would have learned anything. We have a test Friday, but does our teacher EVER review for tests? No, he just teaches new material. Which never makes sense. Anyways, if I had gone I would have looked in my planner and seen that I had a meeting with a teacher at 1:30. But I didn't, so I did not even think about the meeting! Didn't realize it until 3:00, when I was trying to write my psych paper before college mentors. And I was finishing it and already going to be late, so I didn't have time to email my teacher an apology. So I was running late to college mentors, and I hate being late, it REALLY stresses me out. Got there and found Jenna, and we couldn't find our group! Ugh, I just felt like nothing was going right in my life. Plus, it was super windy, which I hate because I don't like my hair in my face. Anyways, after calling a million people and walking all around, we found our group. It was a nice day because we all just sat around talking and I really needed the relaxation. So anyways, I get to psych and check my email and of course, there is an incredibly harsh email from my teacher about missing the meeting. Yes, I feel awful. It was horrible and irresponsible. But has she never forgotten about anything in her life??? Annoying. So I wrote her back around 5:45 about rescheduling the meeting, and she hasn't responded yet. Has she honestly not checked her email all night? I really want to get this resolved before class tomorrow so it's not awkward. Anyways, walked home with Maddie after that, but then had to go right back to campus to study with someone for biology. Then I walked to Qdoba (and it was SO COLD) to check once again for my wallet, but it wasn't there :(. So devastated. The night has been okay, except it's past midnight, and I have yet to start my homework. I just needed to destress after this day: watch some tv, go on facebook, and I skyped with Phil for a little which was so great. Also, just got an email from Sitter City (a website I joined to find a nannying job this summer) from a woman with a great-sounding job, but I am already doing the internship. It was so exciting to be contacted, and I'm sad I can't do it, because I would way rather work with kids and play outside instead of sitting in an office. But I need the experience blah, blah, blah. Plus you can't really put nannying on a resume for a professional job. So that's a bit disappointing, and I am going to hate having to email her back saying I can't do it anymore. Anyways, will this stress ever end? I feel like more bad things happen each day. I feel like if I found my wallet, everything would be better, but chances of that happening are getting slimmer each day.

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