Monday, June 29, 2009

sweet summertime

The summer days are going pretty well so far. The only bad part is work, I feel like I am going to school everyday and today I was thinking in my head omg is it only monday? because i get soo tired but i know if i wasn't working i would get really bored during the day. Anyways, i just love random summer nights hanging out with people. Last thursday i would say was the best night of summer so far just because it was so random and fun and i got to see a lot of people i haven't seen in a while! Sherry Sadler also made an appearance, only a select few will know what that means :). on friday i saw the movie my sister's keeper. I literally cried throughout the entire thing, and for many different reasons. One was that it reminds me a lot of my own life and how when one person in a family is sick, the whole family is affected. But the friendship between the two sisters was inspiring, and it made me sad that i am not closer with my own sister. So that is something to work on I guess! one good thing was that we saw my world lit teacher mrs colianni there! Soo awkward. But anyways, last night was amazing because i went to a concert with molly and meri and we saw my favorite band Jack's Mannequin!! This was my second time seeing them, but it still astounded me how amazing they were. Andrew Mcmahon's voice was absolutely perfect and you can just tell that he loves every second of what he is doing. I think that with all he has been through, his music is even better. He knows that life isnt easy and i think all of his songs have really good messages. the best part was when they played watch the sky because that is my favorite something corporate songs and its always really cool when they play a something corporate one!! Alright i could go on about this for hours but i will spare you..the fray was good too though. Today is sadly my only day off from work, and i actually still worked in the morning! But i'm looking forward to fourth of july this weekend, more later!!!

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