Sunday, July 5, 2009

days go by

I guess i haven't written in a while but everything has been pretty much the same. i am angry/upset about something right now but i wont talk about it, i would rather concentrate on the things in my life that are good. so on friday it was the third of july, which was SO much fun. I had to work, which really wasn't bad because i like most of the people that i work with. Then i got home and got ready then went to meri's house for dinner! Her whole family was over and molly was there too so it was so much fun. Her cousin told us all of these funny stories about her work and we were laughing so hard. Then some more people came over after dinner and we walked to the fireworks, which were really good!!! After that, we went back to meri's and more people came over too! Her aunts were over so mol and i danced with them since it is kind of a tradition. Then people started leaving but some more came and we went on a really long night drive which was fun! Then we went back to mer's and had a sleepover with my favorite people in the world. It was just an all around great day, i wish my entire life could be like that.

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