Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Procrastination Nation

Well my friends it is 1:11 am and I am in the Wells Library. I have really come to hate this place. At least I finally got my computer connected to the internet. Anyways, I am here because I left all of my business law homework until the last minute. Why would I ever do it when it was actually assigned? It's all due tomorrow at 9:30 am which I think is a little mean. Couldn't it at least be due tomorrow night? Anyways, I have 3 papers left to write. I actually like writing papers, but they are on boring subjects that I am not really interested in and don't know about. Of course I already did the interesting ones and have had them out of the way for a while. Even though I am dreaming about opening up the window in my room and snuggling in my bed, I know that time is very far off. If I even make it there at all tonight. I wish I could just make myself do this work. But of course I am doing everything but the work I actually have to do. Do you ever feel that way? On another note, Morgan and I witnessed a couple getting a little too touchy feely in the library. Look at my mobile uploads on facebook and you will know what I mean! We are even in the quiet section....just doesn't seem right. Even though most people have cleared out, the couple is still here! They are actually working now though. Sadly, they have probably gotten a lot more accomplished tonight than I have. I must say, I am quite depressed. So much work, this weather, my sister not doing well, and just missing all of my friends and knowing I cannot be with them is really getting to me. I am trying to stay positive, but it gets harder and harder. At least I will be home soon. That is pretty much the only thing keeping me going. I think I'm going to try to work out tomorrow, maybe some physical exertion would raise my spirits. But who knows. I hope everyone's hanging in there during finals week. If you have some big projects due--take a tip and TRY to start them 2 days ahead of when it's due. That doesn't seem like a lot of time, but trust me it would have made a big difference.

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