Wednesday, September 22, 2010

modern family

Modern family is currently my favorite show EVER. it is hilarious and if you have never seen it before i suggest you get over to and watch it now. the humor is really subtle and it just makes me laugh and laugh for the stupidest reasons. all of the characters are so funny, it's hard to even pick a favorite because they are all so unique. also, each episode has a little life lesson at the end, which i like. i think the main reason i love this show so much is because it depicts a family and everything that goes along with a family-the fighting, the disagreements, the silliness, the complexities, the mistakes, and the togetherness. maybe i'm analyzing it too much? but oh well, it is a great show and puts me in a good mood no matter what! i have a TON of work to do, but i let myself have a half hour break to watch....actually i have been taking way too many breaks whoops. anyways longer post later after this crazy week is over!

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