Sunday, September 19, 2010

homesick part 2

So my mom just visited me which was amazing! But she stayed less than a day :( so hard, but i know she really had to get home. anyways, seeing her was amazing but now i just miss her so much and i am sitting in my room all alone so that is really hard. i just miss her so much. we really have gotten a lot closer. it is SO weird though and i don't understand this...last year i was so much farther away from home, yet i really wasn't this homesick at all. i definitely missed everyone, but not this much. maybe because i was having such a good time and not thinking about it as much. having a roommate who was also a built in best friend helped a lot too. i think i'm having a such a hard time because i don't have a really close friend here yet-that is something i have always needed to keep me going. but i know i just have to give it time and there are so many people here that i will meet. patience is just harder than it seems

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