Thursday, September 23, 2010


Étudier means "to study" in french (for those people not as obsessed with the language as i am). Anyways why is this so hard for me to do??? i had a test today and i have one tomorrow too. thank goodness they were not on the same day or i honestly don't know what i would do. like many people i am SUCH a procrastinator. it's a habit i really wish i could get rid of. but i doubt that will happen any time soon. for some reason i cannot make myself do work unless it's crunch time. and when it is, i can get through books and hardly be distracted at all. unfortunately, by that time, i don't have enough time to read the material and study it. it's not that i'm not organized. i am. i write down everything in my planner, line up all of my books, and make great study plans. i just have the hardest time sticking to the study plans i create! when i do follow them and force myself to do some textbook reading, i can't focus and read paragraphs over and over. gahhhhh. but enough about that. i just have a math test tomorrow and then i'm free! who even knows what i'll do this weekend- but probably a lot of relaxing! and hopefully some library time to get caught up on the classes i've fallen behind on this week. we'll see if that actually happens....

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