Tuesday, September 21, 2010

good day.

I realized recently that i really only blog about bad things in my life..i guess it's just a way for me to get my feelings out. but i usually am a pretty positive person. so i'm going to write about yesterday which was a GREAT day (i was too tired to write last night). anyways, it started off normally enough: i went to class in the morning, studied in the library, went to class again, and then did a psych experiment. then i came back to my room and relaxed for a little bit. then meri came to visit! she goes to school a little under an hour away. it was so great and just a wonderful way to start my week. we went out to dinner at a thai restaurant and even though we both were doubled over in pain because of our stomach aches afterwards, it was totally worth it. then we went on a little walk around campus, came back to my room, and watched heathers. it was just so much fun and so good to have someone who knows me so well here. i don't think she reads this but just in case THANKS MER!!!!! it's just so comforting knowing that she is so close and we can visit each other so easily. that truly is the best thing about coming here so far; i guess this is part of being closer to home because now i'm closer to all of my friends and visits are a lot easier. hopefully i'll get to visit her soon too! anyways, what an exciting monday.

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