Thursday, February 3, 2011

Post Groundhog Day

Groundhog day is actually one of my favorite holidays. I like to celebrate by watching the movie Groundhog day, which sounds stupid but is actually a GREAT movie that will last through the ages. It is about a weatherman who is trapped in groundhog day and has to live the day over and over until he gets the day perfectly right. Anyways, I would recommend it to one and all. Unfortunately, I don't have it at school with me, so I just slept late yesterday (since my first class was cancelled!), worked out, and watched friends before lab. But it was still a pretty good groundhog day. I guess I always like the smaller, low-pressure holidays much more than the big ones. Christmas and Thanksgiving time are nice, but just so much stress. Don't even get me started on my birthday. I hate it in case you didn't know. I love 4th of July and groundhog day though. It's just a great way to brighten your day! Anyways, according to punxsutawney phil(yes, I had to look up how to spell that...I'm still not sure if that's right), we are supposed to have an early spring! That's pretty hard to believe considering the FREEZING weather we've been having. I actually cannot remember it ever being this cold. At least I didn't have to walk around and be outside if it ever actually was this cold before. Currently, it is 13 degrees. Seriously way too freezing. Well, off to actually get some work done!

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