Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Day!

Well classes were cancelled last night and this morning due to all of the ice! The campus is definitely not safe. Sadly I have still had to go to most of my classes and now I am psych lab with Maddie. It is especially boring today because we are in the library learning how to use all of the online resources and such. But the lady presenting was so rude and icy. Anyways, I didn't pay attention at all, but now I am realizing that I probably should have. Because we have a huge lab writeup paper due soon and it is going to be so difficult. Also it is way harder to find information on the stroop effect than I originally thought. Maddie and I are going to get dinner after class because we're both bored and starving. Well, Linds (our lab instructor) is now explaining the paper so I better listen stay warm everyone!

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