Monday, January 30, 2012

putting off my workout

I know once I get to the gym I will be happy, but for some reason, I don't feel like moving from my chair right now. Also, it is GORGEOUS today so I'm walking to the gym and that will be nice. I realize this whole idea is stupid and I should just run outside, but I'm trying to be really careful about not getting injured and running on cement always seems to set that off, so I'm sticking to the treadmill for the time being for my long run today. I was bad and didn't work out this weekend so I have to go harder today! I think I'm getting sick, but working out actually helps that sometimes. I'm just gonna try to lay low this week and next weekend, catch up on sleep, focus on school work, and be healthy, and hopefully I'll get over the illness quickly. Anyways, get outside today everyone; it's absolutely beautiful! My roommates and I are going on a walk tonight after dinner so that will be some good extra exercise.

Favorite movie ever.

Lana del Rey

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