Sunday, November 6, 2011


Well, I just had one of the most amazing weekends of my life. Painful, but amazing. It was my school's dance marathon, IUDM, which is a HUGE organization. There is literally nothing else going on this weekend because so many people are involved, which is so cool for such a big school. Anyways, IUDM is the second biggest student-run philanthropic organization in the WORLD. It benefits Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis, which is amazing because they treat everyone and never turn a child away. The care that they provide children there is excellent and there were tons of "Riley kids" who told their stories at the marathon of how amazing their experience had been at Riley. As a person who has a ton of experience with hospitals, this was a cause I truly believe in. We raised nearly 2 million dollars For The Kids. Even though people had been standing for 36 hours (no sitting allowed!), everyone had so much energy and was continuing to push through to dance for those who can't and play with the kids who were there. The girl that my sorority sponsored, Hailey, was adorable and so, so sweet. I hope I can get more involved with this amazing organization. I tend to focus on how much my life sucks and not think about how bad other people have it, too. This organization was truly life-changing and made me so happy that I attend this school with so many people who actually care about things beyond them. It is just so amazing to think that we are changing the lives of people we will probably never meet. It really gives me some new perspective and faith in humanity. FTK<3

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