Monday, August 15, 2011

What I Learned from My Internship

This summer was my first summer doing a real job. It was great experience! But I learned mainly life lessons, not just things about the company. For anyone doing an internship or starting a job, I would suggest remembering some of these things.

1. Ask questions! About everything! People love to answer questions and more importantly, they like to know that you are interested.

2. Say hi to everyone. Smile at people that you don't know and talk to people in the hall/coffee room. That's how you will get to know them.

3. Be polite and smiley to everyone, not just the "hot shots" at the company. Befriending the maintenance workers and the people at the front desk is always good.

4. Do not just be interested in people's jobs. Ask about their personal life too.

5. Try to get to know everyone because you will be surprised at how many people you'll end up working with (this is a lesson I learned a little too late).

6. Never turn down an opportunity. If you're supposed to have lunch with friends, but your boss wants to get lunch with you, go with your boss. Your friends won't mind! They will know that it's an important experience.

7. Don't take anyone for granted.

8. Look professional. Work is not the place to be adventurous with dress. If you have any doubts about what you're wearing, you probably shouldn't wear it. Individuality is important, but in a professional setting, people will take notice if you stand out too much.

9. There are some topics of conversation that are never appropriate during work hours, no matter who you are with. Even if you are with your peers, save the gossip and "weekend" talk for after because you never know who could overhear you.

10. It is good to speak your mind, but be wary of being obnoxious.

11. Thank people often for the experience! It is always good to be gracious.

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