Sunday, August 2, 2009


I haven't written in SUCH a long time, i'm sorry. It is so easy to get busy with things and forget about other things. So this past weekend i went to michigan with my family! It was good and bad. It was good because michigan is beautiful and also i learned some things about my family and my obligations. I have not been taking full responsibility of things that I need to do and now I know that sometimes you have to make priorities and stick to them. The weather on friday was really nice and we went to the lake and pool and on a boat. Yesterday it was rainy which sucked but it ended up being nice in the late afternoon when we had to leave go figure! Anyways the reason it was bad was because we went last minute so i missed work and now i'm going to be in trouble :/ Ahhhh oh well. Tomorrow i think i am going downtown which will be fun! This week will be pretty chill. I think my mom is taking my sister to camp so it will just be my dad and me. I'll probably be working a lot though so i won't be home very much! Hopefully a good week ahead though, it is nearing the end of summer..

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