Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Thoughts on Christmas

My Christmas is pretty much never normal. Ever since this horrible disease took over my family's life years ago. My sister is in the hospital for Christmas, but sadly, that is nothing new. This Christmas, I didn't really ask for anything. Opening up gifts was the farthest thing from my mind this morning. (I still haven't opened most of my gifts, just a few things from my mom). Anyways, in some ways, I am glad to have such a different mindset from mostly everyone I know my age. People were tweeting, instagramming, and texting about all of the things they got for Christmas and how excited they were to open their presents. The best part of my day was spending quality time with my mom. I really hate the holidays, but I know I might come to like them again. If I have to be thankful for something, I'm glad that I know what's really important in life rather than getting caught up in all the materialistic things like nearly everyone I know. I wish I could tell everyone just to stop thinking about what they are getting for five minutes and enjoy time with their family because those moments can be ripped away from your life without a moment's notice and you can never get them back.

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