Thursday, August 19, 2010

it's coming soon..

i literally cannot believe summer is ending. literally. usually i am kind of prepared for it, and i get sad like 2 weeks before it ends. but i'm not sad yet; i'm just in denial. i just packed away half of my clothes and now i am FREAKING out because i just realized i am actually going to have to leave soon. my dad and i are driving down tomorrow to move in some of my stuff and then on tuesday my mom and i are going to bring the rest of it. i am so nervous for this adjustment. will i ever feel at home at my new school? i am so sad to be leaving everyone i know and love and going to a completely foreign place where i really don't know or trust anyone. i know i did it last year and i was fine, but what if i just got lucky? what if things aren't going to be that easy again? ugh i am just so nervous. i don't want summer to ever end. i wish i could just spend time with my family and friends and watch tv. obviously this is not an option at all. i guess i just needed to get some of my feelings of anxiety out so there it is

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