Wednesday, November 25, 2009

sixth grade or college?

I am SO frustrated. i absolutely hate being home. i know i sound like a brat, but it's true. my mom refuses to let me hang out with people, so i am trapped in the house with nothing to do. i am seriously close to tears out of sheer frustration. she thinks she has complete control over me even though i am a LEGAL ADULT. i try to be nice, but there is only so much i can honestly do. it has only been one day and i want to go back to richmond so badly, i cannot take this. and what am i going to do over winter break?! i cannot handle three weeks of my mom getting mad at me over the smallest things, like the tone of my voice, and then grounding me. I asked her what i did wrong, and she said "nothing, you've just done nothing nice." what does she want me to do???? i suffered through watching the grinch for the 15th time with them and hung out with my sister and her all day. all i want to is throw up. three days until i go back!

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