Sunday, October 4, 2009

family weekend

So it was just family weekend and my parents and sister left this morning! It was good to see them, although kinda bad. I guess it reminded me how happy I am being so far away and getting away from all of my family problems because of course the trip started out with a fight. It's so hard, because I am always the family negotiator, but sometimes i cause the problem in which case i can't really help the situation. but this time, i could help so everything got better. i always understand both sides when my parents fight, and i think that this applies in most cases: things are hardly ever black and white. no one is ever completely wrong in a situation and no one is usually completely right either. anyways, next weekend i am going home for fall break, so the goodbyes weren't that hard. also i get to see molly next weekend! i am so excited, i hope my mom will let me out of the house a lot. it's going to be so weird going back to such strictness when i have been living with so much freedom. but oh well, it's only one weekend, and it should be fun!

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