Monday, September 28, 2009


It has definitely been a while since I wrote! things are crazy at school. i love it, but i honestly don't have a spare minute. there is kind of a lot of homework, and i am trying to do really well so i don't want to get behind on anything! i am also playing club field hockey, and i'm in a couple of clubs. i'm also applying to be on honor council! i'm really nervous because i really want to get on it, but i know that a lot of people are applying :/. my application is due on friday, so i need to work on it a lot today and tomorrow! anyways, i'm also doing a lot of stuff with friends, i love the people here and meeting new people! there are a ton of themed parties, and last weekend friday was party in the usa (which was SO fun to dress up for since i am basically obsessed with that song) and 90s, which no one really dressed up for, people just wore a lot of weird things!
so today i woke up at 6:45 to go to a breakfast for this club that i'm in, but my friend wasn't ready on time and then we couldn't find the room, so we ended up being too late to even go! so frustrating! but then we saw our other friend at d-hall and had breakfast with him, which was great! i hardly ever wake up in time for breakfast, but i have discovered that i really like it! and i actually had energy for econ today, which is good because i am usually falling asleep! i had a midterm on friday, and we got our grades back. i got a B, which i knew i would get, so i'm not too disappointed even though i am really trying to get an A in that class. oh well, i'll try harder for next time! today i have to meet with dean, which i'm a little nervous about...anyways sorry this has been a pretty boring post! but i'm going to try to write more since i've been slacking

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